The team behind the #AUXE team: Craig Stubley

Next to be featured in our series “The team behind the #AUXE team” is Craig Stubley, one of the team's hard working mechanics.

Here’s what Craig had to tell us in our latest team Q&A…

  1. What’s your job role with #AUXE and tell us a bit about what that involves?

    “I’m ultimately a mechanic - building, repairing and fixing the electric race cars.”
  2. What do you enjoy most about your job and Extreme E?
    “The satisfaction of creating a racing/rallying machine and maintaining the vehicle throughout the events and the thrill of being part of such a special championship.”
  3. How long have you worked in motorsport and how did you get into the industry?
    “Over 25 years professionally. I started rallying as a young man building my own rally cars privately for friends to rally. I began as an apprentice and was promoted to workshop controller in automotive dealerships for 12 years. I then successfully joined Mitsubishi WRC Team as a mechanic and became No.1 mechanic for Tommi Makinen, four-time WRC Drivers’ Champion. I moved to Formula 1, historic racing and the WEC before joining Formula E from its inception and now Extreme E.”
  4. Who’s your motorsport hero?
    “Ari Vatanen, the Finnish World Rally Champion Driver who won back in 1981.”
  5. Which country would you most like to visit with Extreme E (doesn’t have to be on the calendar!)?
    “Kenya, because it’s one big adventure!”
  6. What’s your favourite chocolate bar?
    “Crunchie bar!”
  7. Top album of all time? “Roxy Music’s album Avalon because every song is amazing.”
  8. Last book you read?
    "The Spitfire Story by Jacky Hyams - told by those who designed, maintained and flew the iconic plane."
  9. What’s your favourite film?
    “Bladerunner because it’s an incredibly well made futuristic film before CGI was invented!”
  10. Finally, do you have any hidden talents?
    "I used to own a narrow boat and loved the peace and tranquillity of the canals and waterways of Leicestershire."

Craig will next be in action with Andretti United Extreme E for the upcoming Arctic X Prix in Greenland (28-29 August).