The team behind the #AUXE team: Adam Whitaker

Next to be featured in our series “The team behind the #AUXE team” is 27-year-old Adam Whitaker, Andretti United Extreme E's number one mechanic. When he’s not travelling for Extreme E or working on other projects, Adam can be found in or around Leeds in England – close to United Autosports’ headquarters.

Here’s what Adam had to tell us in our latest team Q&A…

  1. What’s your job role with #AUXE and tell us a bit about what that involves?
    “I am the number one mechanic on the car which involves working with a fantastic team and ultimately being responsible for the car being ready in good time for each session.”
  2. What do you enjoy most about your job and Extreme E?
    “Extreme E is very different to anything I have done in motorsport before, I love the places we visit and the atmosphere in the paddock is very friendly - the teams all help each other out with tools and equipment. If anyone needs anything, someone will have it and help them.”
  3. How long have you worked in motorsport and how did you get into the industry?
    “I started in motorsport in 2012. Having only ever tinkered on cars, I attended the national college for motorsport at Silverstone. I went out on apprenticeship after six months, following the same path a driver would starting in the lower categories and then working my way up.”
  4. Who’s your motorsport hero?
    “Timmy Hansen, have you seen the bloke drive?!”
  5. Which country would you most like to visit with Extreme E (doesn’t have to be on the calendar!)?
    “New Zealand, I’ve always wanted to go and the scenery looks unreal! I’m sure there could be some great venues for Extreme E there.”
  6. what’s your favourite chocolate bar?
    “My family actually make chocolate so I think I’d be shot if I didn’t say Whitaker’s Chocolate coffee creams!”
  7. Last book you read?
    “Guy Martin’s autobiography, there are some very funny parts in it.”
  8. What’s your favourite film?
    “Coach Carter, it always makes me feel super motivated.”
  9. Finally, do you have any hidden talents?
    “Not a talent as such but I enjoy Olympic weightlifting and crossfit.”

Adam will next be in action with Andretti United Extreme E for the upcoming Arctic X Prix in Greenland (28-29 August).

Adam 1
Adam 1