Getting to know... Timmy Hansen 

    1. Hi Timmy! Can you tell us a bit about yourself such as where did you grow up, do you have any siblings and how did you first get into motorsport?
    “I live in Götene, Sweden with my wife Emma and our son Sam. I have been involved in motorsport my entire life, first following my parents when they were racing in the European Championships. Today we are running a family team in rallycross where my brother Kevin and I race together and our parents manage the team.  In 2019 we won the World Rallycross Championship for both drivers and teams.”

    2. What is your first racing memory?
    “Apart from having a lot of memories from paddocks around the world from when I was very young I remember my first ever go-kart race. It was raining heavy, I was very slow and spun most almost every race. Still, I enjoyed being behind the wheel and the sensation of driving.  I also made some new friends, we kept racing and I haven’t stopped yet!”

    3. Who was your idol growing up?
    “I think unknowingly I’ve always admired what my dad had done and I still do. He is still the most successful rallycross driver of all time with 14 FIA European Rallycross titles to his name, as well as his success as a team principal like X-Games gold medals, Nitro world Games gold medals and twice leading our team to win the FIA World Rallycross Championship for Teams. But most of all, he has been at the sharp end of our sport for over 30 years and that is very impressive.”

    4. Do you have any secret talents or something that would surprise us about you?
    “I love making pizza but if you follow me on Instagram you’d already know!”

    5. What’s your favourite film and do you have a favourite actor?
    “My son loves the movie Cars and I must say I enjoy that too. Although, Cars 3 is my favourite!”

    6. What about your most embarrassing moment?
    “Probably that time I said my favourite movie is a kids film...”

    7. Can you tell us something that we wouldn’t know about your team-mate [Catie Munnings]?
    “At first you take Catie for a very easy-going person, which she is, but she is also very determined and hard-working behind the scenes. She has already done some valuable work for the team and put together great ways for the two of us to practice and prepare for the season.”


    8. Do you have any bad habits?
    “I definitely eat too much pizza...”

    9. If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?
    “The Extreme E Desert X Prix in Saudi Arabia.”

    10. If you had a time machine and could go back to any point in history, when would it be and why?
    “Wow, there are of course many great events that has happened that I’d love to see, but it’s impossible to pick one. I’ll just do my best to enjoy what’s going on around me right now and look forward to what’s ahead.”

    11. Where is the most memorable place you’ve been and where are you most looking forward to visiting with Extreme E this year?
    “I’ve been fortunate to see some beautiful places around the world but I’ll never forget the fist time I was in Argentina. On the way to the racetrack, being in my usual racing mindset, we saw the shanty towns on the side of the motorway. I could see with my own eyes how fortunate I’ve been to be born in the right place and country and to do be able to do something I love for a living. I hope with Extreme E we will get to help the local communities around the world. As well as working to clean up the beaches from plastic waste, for example, and using our position in sport to put these issues in the spotlight for millions of people.”

    12. Finally, who do you see as your biggest competitor in Extreme E this year?
    “Well, none of us know exactly what the racing will be like so it’s impossible to say. There are many drivers from different disciplines and it will be interesting to learn from them and see how I can improve myself.”

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