Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

3-4 April 2021

Latitude: 26°37′N
Longitude: 37 °55′ E
Elevation above sea level: 692m
Average daytime temp March:  18.1° Celsius



Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s largest continuous desert and Extreme E will head the Al-’Ula region where we’ll find geomorphological wonders, from basalt uplands to ancient volcanic lava flows. 

The most striking are the orange-red rock formations like The Elephant Rock, carved from the living sandstone by Saharan winds.


The terrain may be stunning, but it is also ruthless and unforgiving, with intense heat and conditions to challenge our drivers. The mechanics will also be up against it as they will race against time between races to get rid of dust and sand in the drive trains.


In the UK, the Extreme E final is broadcast on the BBC Red Button, on ITV1, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Mix, BT Sport 1 with free practice and qualifying available on BBC iPlayer, the XE website and social media channels (including Facebook and YouTube).

In the USA, American fans can tune in via Fox Sports 2 for free practice and qualifying, then Fox Sports 1 for the final.

Full broadcast information can be found here.


Increasing temperatures and longer periods of drought combined with human actions such as deforestation are contributing to  the destruction of environments and productivity. 

Over the next few decades, the availability of water in some regions is set to decrease by 10-30% leading to 2.4 billion people subject to periods of intense water scarcity.


Extreme E will work with local and international experts on projects to preserve and restore ecosystems affected by the impact of desertification and climate change.