Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

28-29 August 2021

Latitude: 67° 00′ N 
Longitude: 50° 41′ W
Elevation above sea level: 50m
Average daytime temp August: 8.5° Celsius



The inaugural season of Extreme E will visit the retreating Russell Glacier near Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, home to just 500 inhabitants. 

This extreme Arctic location will really test teams and organisers with limited power and food available. Oh and did we mention this is polar bear country?!


The race itself will take place on the sandbars directly in front of the massive shelf of ice which is Russell Glacier. Covered in boulder-sized gravel this stage has potential for serious damage to the cars.


In the UK, the Extreme E final is broadcast on the BBC Red Button, on ITV1, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Mix, BT Sport 1 with free practice and qualifying available on BBC iPlayer, the XE website and social media channels (including Facebook and YouTube).

In the USA, American fans can tune in via Fox Sports 2 for free practice and qualifying, then Fox Sports 1 for the final.

Full broadcast information can be found here.


When it comes to the Arctic the stats on environmental impact are alarming. Climate change has contributed to the Arctic warming at twice the global average. This has led to the accelerated disappearance of Arctic sea ice. Some predictions say that there may be virtually no summer sea ice within a generation.

The knock-on effect is directly impacting 4 million people across eight countries, 450 types of fish, 280 species of bird and 130 types of mammals.


Extreme E are working with world-leading Arctic expert Professional Peter Wadhams to support research into protecting Arctic ice in order to give the ecosystem the best chance of survival and recovery.