Para, Brazil

23-24 October 2021

Latitude: 2° 25′ S 
Longitude: 54° 43′ W
Elevation above sea level: 51m
Average daytime temp October: 32° Celsius



The town of Santarem in Pará, surrounded by two majestic rivers - the Amazon and the Tapajós - is the setting for the Brazil leg of the Extreme E season.

Although just a few metres from one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, the race will take place in a region of the Amazon rainforest that has been severely damaged through deforestation and wildfires.


Weather conditions will play a huge part in this race as this will determine whether the track will be firm or waterlogged - the ultimate test for our E-SUV vehicles.


In the UK, the Extreme E final is broadcast on the BBC Red Button, on ITV1, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Mix, BT Sport 1 with free practice and qualifying available on BBC iPlayer, the XE website and social media channels (including Facebook and YouTube).

In the USA, American fans can tune in via Fox Sports 2 for free practice and qualifying, then Fox Sports 1 for the final.

Full broadcast information can be found here.


Tropical rainforests are essential to life on earth, storing more carbon than any other biome. They contain huge biodiversity, accounting for around half of all land species.

Challenges faced include changing weather patterns, habitat loss and loss of biodiversity and deforestation as well as increasingly prevalent forest fires and periods of drought. As a result, tropical rainforests are being lost at an alarming and accelerating rate.


Extreme E has pledged to work with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), which has more than 24 years of conservation experience across the Amazon, and a deep understanding of the major drivers of deforestation in the region.